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Dental emergencies can be frightening and overwhelming. A broken tooth, mouth infection, or even more serious issues can be stressful, but you can always telephone Owens' Dental Surgery in Gipsy Hill We provide emergency dental services for all of South East London.

Visit the experts in dental emergencies. We serve all of South East London.

Dial now on 020 8670 5604 for service.

Our emergency dental care specialists understand your discomfort and stress. You can trust them to have your best interests in mind when you come to us with an emergency dental issue.


We can even provide a fast estimate on the fly to ensure that all you need to focus on is healing or relaxing in the professional hands of Owens' Dental Surgery.

We understand emergencies

When you come in during an emergency, we know the last thing on your mind is money. That's why we're compatible with a number of dental plan providers. We accept Denplan and other private insurance plans so that you don't need to pay upfront.


Note that cosmetic dentistry is not considered an emergency, and may require separate payment.

Dental plans accepted

We offer a wide variety of services that allow you to access fast emergency dental care in Gipsy Hill Dial us now on 020 8670 5604 for a fast response.

Emergency dental services in Gipsy Hill

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South East London's experts in emergency dental care

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